Post-Operative Lymphatic Massage
This therapeutic treatment significantly reduces pain, swelling, bruising and eliminates toxins by encouraging the healing process through the gentle stimulation of the lymphatic system. Soothing and relaxing, this massage will get you well on your way to a speedy recovery!

$50 for first area
$35 per each additional


Deep Tissue Massage
Guaranteed to leave you walking on clouds and feeling like
you’ve had the most heavenly massage! Swedish, shiatsu and
neuromuscular therapy are given with meticulous attention to detail, while relieving areas of pain and inducing deep relaxation!

* Includes aromatherapy and hot compresses



Hot Stone Therapy
Soothe and relax stressed muscles through the healing warmth of hot stone therapy. Smooth basalt stones are rhythmically glided over the body to increase circulation, stimulate lymphatic system and relieve pain.

$100 per hour
($50 with deep tissue massage)


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