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"After a few sessions of having being massaged by Kimberly, I felt that she handles a persons body like a musical instrument- with such precise pressure & touch like a wonderful musician. It was a great feeling, like I was an instrument for a change!"

- Ravi Shankar
Encinitas , Ca.




"As an avid, globe-trotting massage addict I can confidently claim that Kimberly has some of the best hands on the planet. She puts her heart and soul into her strong and intricate technique and can therefore create an incredibly healing massage experience. I'm baffled by how she manages to do such deep work yet allow it to still feel relaxing. It's always a pleasure to see her again for a massage or a facial as she's such a wonderful person too"

- Anoushka Shankar
London , England


“Meeting Kimberly is an amazing experience. Upon entering her tranquil ambiance, you realize that you are in the hands of a top professional in complete skin care. You notice an immediate improvement in the way your skin looks and feels at affordable pricing. Kimberly truly cares and my skin has never looked better.”

- Blair Tomzak
La Costa, Ca.



“We met Kimberly in 2006 and were instantly hooked on her deep tissue massages. Being in the baseball life, massage is an integral part of the routine as there are 162 games in 180 days leaving not much time for physical or mental recovery. However, no matter how many massage treatments we have received as we travel, no massage has ever measured up to the service that Kimberly consistently provides time and time again. It is obvious that she is passionate about her work as she always finds the most perfect spots that need the most attention without even telling her. She is punctual and reliable and extremely professional. We highly recommend Kimberly as a massage therapist!"

- Christi Ensberg & Morgan Ensberg
(Retired Houston Astro, San Diego Padre & New York Yankee)
Salona Beach, Ca.


“Kimberly has a true gift. Aside from the extensive knowledge she has as a therapist, she is able to connect with her clients on a real deep emotional level, it seems to come effortlessly to her. My experience with Kim left me rejuvenated, relaxed and ready for a great day.
Thanks Kim!”

- Dave Booda
Bonita, Ca.




I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much I appreciate you and what you have done for me in the last year and a half.

I look forward to my appointments because I can't wait
for you to work your magic. Not only does my skin look sensational, I always feel sensational after my session
and have never failed to receive compliments from my
co-workers, family and friends. Your plan to treat my skin over a period of time with each session resulting in incremental changes has proven most successful. I just recently attended a party with a gathering of acquaintances that I see periodically and was flooded with comments on how great my skin looks. When I told them it is all due to you, they could not believe I did not have laser treatments or surgery.

Your confidence and professional guidance is most impressive, you are extremely well versed about your industry and "in-the-know" about the latest and greatest in equipment and product. Your conviction to use only natural based products has certainly converted me.

My skin looks and feels MARVELOUS - I always tell people you are the artist and my skin is your canvas.
I am a believer in you! You are not only good for the skin, you are good for the soul.

- Debbie Hambly
Oceanside, Ca.



"Dr. Batra referred me to Kimberly for Lymphatic Drainage Massage after my tummy tuck surgery. My first treatment was only four weeks after my surgery and since I was still sore I was concerned that a massage might be uncomfortable. Kimberly was very gentle and made sure I was ok the entire time– the whole treatment was so soft and relaxing! Her massage room was so beautiful and calming that I could’ve spent all day on her massage bed! She was very knowledgable and explained how the treatment works to decrease the fluids that are present after surgery. She also recommended vitamins to help the healing process which I was so grateful for. I had a total of 7 treatments and noticed after each treatment how much less swelling I seemed to have and how much better I felt. I am sure that I healed quicker because of the Lymphatic drainage massage. Kimberly had also seen enough tummy tuck surgeries prior to mine so she was able to assure me that my progress was normal and calmed some of my worries. (the way the scar looked, swelling, etc…) I truly enjoyed every one of my treatments and would highly recommend Kimberly for any post-op treatment!"

- Janelle Wadlington
Vista, Ca.



"Kimberly is amazing! From the first time you go in to see her, she makes you feel right at home. I had some acne problems for a few months so I went to see Kimberly and got a treatment plan going. In just 8 sessions of the blue and red LED light treatments, the acne went away. Now my skin is looking like it did before, fresh, smooth and with no blemishes. I love that all the products she uses and has recommended. They are organic and they also feel, smell and work wonderfully. Going to see Kimberly is the like going to a spa, because you come out feeling and looking amazing."

- Pilar Ruiz
San Diego, Ca.



"I have been getting facials from Kimberly for a few years now. Her facials are the best I've ever had. Not only did her natural herbal products save me from having to use harsh chemical treatments for acne, but her knowledge and skills have helped clear my skin right up. She is a true professional that has not lost sight of the importance of the human touch. I highly recommend her."

- Seval Hauser
San Diego, Ca.



"Kimberly is the best massage therapist in San Diego! She can easily give deep tissue massage and release every area of tension. With my first massage treatment, I noticed that Kimberly's massages were more effective than all the other massages I had ever had combined. I highly recommend working with her."

- Siyamak Khorrami
San Diego, Ca.


"There are some people in this world who touch our lives in a very special and therapeutic way; such is the case with Kimberly. I was referred to her post operatively after having a 5 hour surgery which included breast reconstruction. In addition to Kimberly’s healing hands expediting my recovery, her encouragement and support minimized my anxiety throughout my recovery. I highly recommend her!"

- Beautiful You Client


“My daughter Kelly and I have been clients of Beautiful You Skin Care for several years. Kimberly is the only person I trust to do facials and waxing on my daughter. As for myself, because of the skin care that I have received from Kimberly, I am often told that I look 10 years younger than my actual age of 50 years. Kimberly has a lot of knowledge in the perfect skin care that is needed for each individual person. Both Kelly and I will continue to travel to Del Mar to receive the wonderful care that she provides. I recommend Beautiful You Skin Care to all my friends who return with only praises about the care and individualized service that they receive! Kimberly is the best in the west!”

- Tina and Kelly Cota
San Diego, Ca.




I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your outstanding work on my face and back!

I have always loved being pampered with facials and massages, but you have truly amazed me in the changes you have accomplished on my skin and body.

Since my first peel 2 years ago, my dry skin has healed, deep wrinkles have almost disapeared completely and my skin continually becomes smoother and younger with each and every treatment you provide.

Along with the skin peels the additional variety of treatments you offer, such as LED light, stem cell and oxygen therapy, have totally turned my skin around. My friends notice the changes and recently even my dentist asked what have I been doing with my skin; he was amazed at how it has improved.

Last but not least, your healing massages have helped me play a better game of golf. I
come to you all knotted up and walk away healed, totally refreshed and ready to conquer the world!

Thank you so much for your healing touch...I will always recommend you to all my friends!

- Charles Butler
Rancho Santa Fe, Ca.



"Kimberly Ceballos is not only a walking skin care encyclopedia, she is a skin care angel! She truly cares about her clients and is passionate and well informed about all aspects of skin care. My skin has never looked better! Trust me, you'll leave her office with not only glowing, radiant skin, but also with great products and the latest information on skin care."

- Jennifer Lake
San Diego, Ca.

"I have received massage from Kimberly for well over 5 years and have received massage from others over 20 years and I can say unequicovacably that Kimberly delivers the best, most therapeutic and most enjoyable massage I have seen. Her technique is superior and her commitment is unparallelled so she works very hard to customize and optimize each person's experience every time. I believe she is a miracle worker and I feel transported every time I receive a treatment. I recommend her massage in the strongest terms possible..."

- Ian O. Mausner
San Diego, Ca.



"I am pleased to recommend Kimberly.
You know when you meet someone and you feel safe, respected and extremely well cared for? This is Kimberly energy and talent. I trust my face to her more than my Dermatologist. That says alot!

Kimberly has helped erase small broken capillaries on my face due to sun damage. The results are dramatic and I would guess many people are not even aware that this can be treated. Ask her about it.

Kimberly has an extremely comprehensive array of instruments and specialties. Her office is warm, smartly decorated, close to everyone, well equipped, quite and clean. Four seasons resorts? Not even close.

I have also, on a more leisurely indulgence, had a 90 minute massage from her. I find her pressure and strength perfect. Simply an amazing treat!

Simply said, I admire this woman and I enjoy her healing aptitude and healing energy. I always leave her feeling at peace.

Kimberly is a rare find. I trust my skin to her."

- Doug Kepner
San Diego, Ca.